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Weekly Crafting
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12th-Sep-2013 01:50 pm(no subject)
*waves to all*
Sorry for the sort of repost but this is my craft for the week:
 photo DSCN0059_zpsf94e7927.jpg  photo DSCN0054_zps269d7251.jpg
I'll be working on improving the painting. Im just relieved the oven toaster worked.
11th-Sep-2013 04:48 pm - #1

I've been trying to get back into beading. It used to be my main craft. Then I learned to crochet and the beading was put on the back burner for a few years. I feel like I'm having to relearn it all lol. This week I made a memory wire bracelet. I also made the Christmas tree charm using cone flower beads. Pic is a tad blurry, sorry.

11th-Sep-2013 09:55 am - Week1
So I made a Pajama Monster. He is about the size of a pillow and has a zipper for the mouth that has a big pocket to hide PJ's for kids or whatever else kids might want to hide in there. When sitting he is 7.5 inches tall measured Butt to tip of horn.
Sorry for the crappy pictures my digital camera was stolen a little while ago so until I replace it all I have is the camera on my phone.

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