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11th-Sep-2013 09:54 am - [sticky post] (no subject)
52 Crafts in 52 weeks, is exactly that

* Any & All crafts welcome.
* Big or small.
* You don't have to do a "craft" a week, just endeavor to do 52 within a year

If you don't do a craft every week that's ok you can still participate. Just give weekly updates on what your doing or thinking of doing.

I figure we will all do our own thing but some weeks we will have themes. I will give themes in advance or asked for suggestions and maybe we will have contest sometimes where we all vote on a winner.

Let me know any suggestions you all have as this community is for us all to enjoy.
28th-Oct-2013 12:55 pm(no subject)


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27th-Oct-2013 11:12 pm(no subject)
week 5

week 6

week 7

week 8
9th-Oct-2013 09:36 pm - many many crafts...
i've done a lot in the last month and have just been really really bad about posting

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9th-Oct-2013 09:28 am - Updates
So I haven't gotten any crafts done in the last couple weeks but I do have a bunch in the process so hopefully by next weekend I will have 3 or 4 to show.

Currently I am working on a bath mat made of wine corks. This is a simple project but I am cutting all the corks by hand in half so it is taking time.

I also recently went to the Joanns and they had a bunch of fabrics at 50% off so I spent way more money then expected or then I should have and I am now in the process of making two skirts.

I also have a plushie I am working on based off a Brian Froud sketch.

So thats what I am working on how about you guys?
23rd-Sep-2013 10:12 am - #2 Posted late

I made Catbug from Bravest Warriors. If you haven't seen it check it out.

23rd-Sep-2013 12:05 am(no subject)
 photo DSCN0068_zps3abab8c8.jpg photo DSCN0069_zpsbcdbf18c.jpg

Simple decoupage. I wasnt sure the glossy mod podge would look good but it looks okay. Better than it did with paper.
19th-Sep-2013 05:42 pm - #1: Cheeseburger in paradise
I was going to make a cheeseburger hat for Derek, but it came out way too big. So, I decided to make a bottom for it, stuff it, and make him a cheeseburger pillow instead =]
18th-Sep-2013 04:43 pm - #2

My first venture into the world of steampunk. A flower ring. I have since removed the jump rings from the petals, it looked a little too much but now it looks too plain. Can't decide if I want to put them back on.

17th-Sep-2013 01:45 pm(no subject)
 photo DSCN0063_zpsf2832d78.jpg photo DSCN0064_zps0cac1411.jpg
Er, does another painted glass count?
Still not smooth, but blue on yellow makes for a sort of distress effect.
Yeah, my kanji writing sucks. Um, but look at the pretty flowers!
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